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Clones.  Our growers follow a very simple cultivation process. Depending on the strain, marijuana clones take approximately 10 - 14 days to root well. Each new tray is labeled with a date and monitored until roots emerge and clones pass a light "tug test". Our simple method ensures patients always receive properly rooted marijuana clones. All marijuana clones are rooted into Rapid Rooter plugs and are approximately 4" - 6" tall.


Teens.  Clones with excessively long roots require additional water & nutrients and are more susceptible to transplant shock in soil. To avoid any problems, our mature clones are transplanted into 4" Grodan rockwool cubes and offered to patients as pre-teens. Pre-teens are grown under Metal Hallide (MH) lamps for a full 2 weeks with a light solution of Aptus Plant Tech premium Dutch nutrients and grow to become approximately 8" - 18" tall.

avatar Indica Marijuana
Afghani BC Big Bud

Blueberry Platinum OG
avatar Sativa Marijuana
Headband Trainwreck

Trainwreck White Widow
avatar Hyrbid Marijuana
Blue Dream G-13 Diesel

Master Kush OG Kush
avatar Purple Marijuana
Blackberry Kush Granddaddy Purp

Purple Haze Purple Kush
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$15 /ea
avatar Afghani check check check
avatar Afghooey check check uncheck
avatar BC Big Bud check check coming soon
avatar Blackberry Kush check check coming soon
avatar Blueberry limited inventory uncheck coming soon
avatar Blue Cheese check check uncheck
avatar Blue Rhino check check uncheck
avatar Blue Dream check check uncheck
avatar Cannatonic check check uncheck
avatar Cherry AK-47 check check uncheck
avatar G-13 Diesel uncheck uncheck uncheck
avatar Girl Scout Cookies check check check
avatar Granddaddy Purp check check check
avatar Great White Shark check check uncheck
avatar Headband check check check
avatar Jack Herer check check uncheck
avatar Master Kush uncheck uncheck uncheck
avatar Lavender Kush check check uncheck
avatar Northern Lights check check uncheck
avatar OG Kush limited inventory uncheck check
avatar Pineapple Express check check uncheck
avatar Platinum OG uncheck uncheck uncheck
avatar Purple Diesel check check uncheck
avatar Purple Haze check check coming soon
avatar Purple Kush check check coming soon
avatar Skunk #1 check check uncheck
avatar Sour Diesel check check check
avatar Super Silver Haze check check uncheck
avatar Trainwreck check check coming soon
avatar White Rhino check check uncheck
avatar White Russian check check uncheck
avatar White Widow check check check
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